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Learning in the 21st century demands creative ideas and innovative solutions. As a more diverse society, meeting the needs of multitudes of learners is imperative. Time, money and innovation stagnate without some cutting edge solutions. Proticy can help with these challenges by providing innovative solutions to learning in any classroom or instructor facilitated setting. Our clients come from higher education, corporate, medical, government and the military. At Proticy, we have the answers and solutions to your needs. Our learning solutions are customized to our clients needs. Through Proticy software, we offer precise personalized solutions to any learning situation. We believe people can perform better.  We believe people can acquire more knowledge. Only through a software tool like Proticy can human performance be systematically measured and improved.

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“One of the simple things is that it appears that you care about what you are doing and it seems you really enjoy teaching. Also, the way you would sequence learning with discussion and group work and then re-discussing or presentation of what the group talked about. This allowed me as a student with ADHD to hear things over and over again in multiple ways. For me, I had many of the same ideas or thoughts but was not always able to respond as quickly as others. This is kind of how the groups helped me.”

Mark Fall 2015, EDUC 650

“Yes, I have gained a great deal of knowledge from readings and even more from the discussions in class and online. I truly think that I have given more thought to race and racism as a result of this class than any other life experience. I have grown by leaps and bounds as a result and I am incredibly pleased to have experienced this course”

Jane Fall 2013, EDUC 650
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