10 Important Online Tools For a Successful Business

Setting up a successful business could be tough since the obstacles you never dreamed about would start to crop up. With limited manpower and limited budget, you would surely need a number of right tools so as to reach your business potential. 10 indispensable online tools are mentioned below which would help you to set up a successful business.

  1. Google Analytics – a new business is all about numbers and the easy to use services of Google Analytics would help you understand the traffic generated by your website, the countries where your site has been viewed, the key demographics of your target users and lots more.
  2. DropBox which is regarded as the savior of the multi-taskers can be used for creating a virtual link between all your internet devices. By making use of its cloud saving capacity you can save your documents, videos, and images into your DropBox account which can be accessed from anywhere. This would enable you to share your files easily with others and also allow you to properly organize all your files by creating personalized folders.
  3. Wix is ideal for less tech-savvy entrepreneurs and its drag and drop templates can be used to customize your website. This can be a useful tool for app creators since it would enable them to mesh the personal apps into the Wix platform. With Wix the arduous task of building a website is a matter of convenience and one can create a Wix website absolutely free.
  4. Omnifocus is another platform which would help you maintain a balance between work and recreation. It would collect all your data, to do lists and even your thoughts and casual notes and then organize it into a more proactive form so that you can attain your goals in an organized manner. Moreover, all your data will be synced to their cloud server for easy access.
  5. MailChimp with its clear instructions and easy to use templates would help you in creating email newsletters which can be distributed to your contact list. Even less tech savvy users can create a visually pleasant e-blast which will grab the attention of your audience and entertain your clientele.
  6. With Skype maintaining a remote relationship is a convenient affair and its video capabilities would enable you to set up remote meetings with clients or group meetings.
  7. Go Daddy is a website server which would enable novice website creators to choose from multiple templates along with social media widgets and easy image tools to create a website which is visually pleasing.
  8. Linked In would help you with an online directory of resumes thus allowing a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and a platform for sourcing and finding new careers.
  9. Slideshare would allow you to share presentations and digital slide shows all over the glove reaching more than 50 million monthly users. It is a fantastic platform to share and upload music, slideshows, and videos so as to gain visibility.
  10. Jira which is a development process tool can help you create your new product, track the progress and get necessary feedback from outside so that you can improve your model.

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